The Theory Of 10,000 Hours

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I have been reading a bit lately and have got to reading about something called the 5000 hour rule.
This basically states that when you have done something for 5000 hours you become a professional at that, and can start teaching others and such.
The next step is the 10,000 hour rule and that states you have become a master at this particular subject.
Basically meaning, you have mastered whichever art you are working at.
This makes sense as 5000 hours is literally 208 days, and that is if you work 24 hours a day...
Doubling that 10,000 hours is 416 days working 24 hours each day.
As you can see if you have put those kinds of hours into something it make sense that you would be considered a professional or a master.
Instead of just looking at that as a whole it would be interesting to look into what that really means.
Lets look at this as if you were talking about your normal job.
Your typical Monday to Friday 8 hours a day kind of gig.
So you are working about 40 hours a week to become what they call professional that would be 125 weeks or 2 and a half years.
Now to become a master at this it would take you 250 weeks or almost 5 years.
Do you think you can master something in 5 years.
I feel that you can master something in less than that.
That would involve putting in a little more than 40 hours a week, and if you are truly interested in mastering something you probably will do that.
The other point involving mastering an art, is that to truly be a master at something you must understand that you have to continue to learn and improve...
So those 10,000 hours keeps growing and growing, and you will keep growing and growing to keep ahead of the curve.
Keep the 10,000 hour thing in your mind only as a guide to continue to keep on the track toward mastery, if you look to it to much you will drive yourself crazy in the process.
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