High Risk Driver Insurance - What Insurance Companies Don"t Want You to Know

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If you have high risk driver insurance there can be many reasons for it.
Every insurance company has a different way of rating its customers.
You can use the company rating policies to your advantage.
Why are you high risk? One of the obvious reasons might be your driving record, and any violations on it.
Another reason might be how many miles you drive to work or where you live.
It might even come down to your age and driving experience.
You might not think so, but you may be able to turn these reasons to your benefit.
What about your insurance company? All insurance companies use national data and in-house collected data in their underwriting formula.
Each company's underwriting reflects the profit they want and the type of market they're in.
Individual markets can have more or less risk than normal, and in-house data is unique to that company.
That is the reason that insurability standards can vary greatly between companies.
So what? There are more insurance companies now then ever.
The same customer can be rated high risk at one company and standard at another.
Different ratings mean different payments for the same insurance.
Now, what can you do? You can use the differences in the underwriting standards between companies to find lower rates and better policies for you.
When you compare coverage from different companies, ask specific questions each time and compare the answers.
It's not just about price, like a lot of insurance companies want you to believe, but what that price buys you.
There are significant differences between insurance companies on not only what they charge, but how they rate their customers.
You can use these differences to your advantage.
Insurance companies really don't want you to know about their underwriting differences, especially if you have high risk driver insurance.
The criteria at one insurance company that makes you a high risk driver, at another could make you their standard risk.
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