MTTC Study Guide Rules That Were Made To Be Broken

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Could it be that what's stopping you from maximizing your MTTC Study Guide review sessions...
Are traditional MTTC test preparation rules themselves? Let's face it: there certainly isn't a lack of MTTC test prep rules out there for you to follow.
It seems like wherever you turn, there's another test "guru" who's shoving the same kind of advice down your throat.
Get some sleep before the exam.
Turn off the television while you study.
Make flashcards for your teaching competencies and educational theories.
With all of these MTTC test preparation rules and regulations floating around, it's no wonder that you're practically bending over backwards to follow them all! But what you do know can hurt you.
And when it comes to your best MTTC study yet, there are a few "golden MTTC test prep" rules that were made to be broken.
Rule One: Forget Content, Focus on the MTTC Test Prep Itself You've been studying your whole life in preparation for your Michigan teacher certification.
So why are you focusing on rehashing everything that you've learned in high school, college and beyond? Take a leap of faith by trusting that you've learned everything that's going to be on the test already.
And instead of focusing on how to re-learn algebra in less than a month - yikes - do yourself a favor by actually studying the MTTC test itself.
•Get familiar with each MTTC test preparation objective.
•Memorize the directions in your MTTC study guides until you know them like the back of your hand.
•Discover what the makers of the exam want to learn about you.
They want to know that you understand best practices in a Michigan classroom - and it's up to you to demonstrate that to them.
Think of your MTTC test prep as studying the actual exam itself - not the content that'll be in it.
After all, you've spent years learning all about that! Rule Two: Best Practices Are Not Always Realistic Ones There's one thing that you need to learn about your examiners: they live in a teacher's dream world.
In this world, school budgets are endless, school administrators are supportive and parents are happy to be involved in every aspect of a student's life.
Unfortunately, real life doesn't always work out that way - but your Michigan teacher certification test isn't the time to highlight this lesson! When it comes to choosing the best answers on your test, don't go for the answers that make sense in the real world - choose the answer that makes sense in the ideal world.
Try to stifle down your urges to answer questions based on your teaching experiences, and you'll add more than a few valuable test points to your score! For more innovative and powerful MTTC Study Guide advice, tricks and techniques - or to learn more about the test itself - go to http://www.
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