Some Fun Games for Girls

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    Fairy Tale Tag

    • Play an outdoor game of tag with a fairy tale twist. The person who is "it" will be called the "wicked queen" and the other players are the "princesses". The wicked queen runs around and tries to turn the princesses to stone by tagging them, at which point the princess must freeze in place. She can move again if another player comes and touches her. The wicked queen wins the round if she can tag all of the princesses without any of them left to "rescue" other tagged princesses. If the play continues for more than 10 minutes for a single round, switch off the tagger until enough rounds have been played that everyone gets a chance to be the wicked queen.

    Buried Treasure

    • Take the idea of an Easter egg hunt and expand it to other times of the year. Put strings of plastic beads and costume jewelry into plastic eggs. Bury the eggs into a sandbox or snowy yard. Have girls try to find the eggs, and they get to keep the contents of any eggs they successfully recover. Make it more interesting by offering a treasure map to direct the girls to the location where the eggs are buried.

    Dress Up Games

    • Rather than letting your daughter play a virtual dress up game on the Internet, encourage her to engage in real play by giving her a box of women's clothes which are no longer worn. She can combine the items inside the box to create her very own fashion and hold a fashion show for the family. Invite her friends over to encourage group involvement in designing and modeling new creations.

    Truth or Dare

    • In this classic game for a group, girls ask each other for a truth or dare. If a girl selects truth, one of the other players can ask her a question about anything, which the girl must tell the truth about. Should the girl choose the dare option, another player chooses a feat which the girl must fulfill. Make sure an adult remains nearby to supervise play of this game as both the truth and dare portions of the game can quickly become out of hand with age-inappropriate discussions or dangerous dares.

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