Internet Marketing For Beginners and Newbie"s - A Quick Overview

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There are very, very many sites and articles about Internet Marketing.
Probably hundreds of thousands.
However it is hard to find one site, report or article that can give one simple but complete and clear overview.
Specially for BEGINNERS AND NEWBIES it is almost impossible not to get lost in an overload of unrelated information each showing a part of internet marketing or specific field.
One never gets the picture clear.
Because of this huge number of available information one needs much more time to get the confidence, experience and inspiration to decide which action to take first.
Which product to sell, or which way to advertise and get the targeted traffic.
First of all it is absolutely not as easy as the ads promise and make you believe.
It takes quite some time to understand how internet marketing works and get enough experience to get the first results.
One should absolutely know a lot about internet, making sites and using html.
If not, the beginning marketer gets lost in a load of completely unknown high tech words and vocabulary.
The experienced marketers, even writing the most appealing and simple sales letters don´t realize that the most common words for them are unknown to the new user.
Of course nowadays everybody knows the basics to use a computer and internet but the knowledge, techniques and vocabulary about marketing on the internet is quite different from marketing offline.
Of course there are lots of reports and even free reports teaching specific parts of internet marketing.
But to get an overview and learn the basics is difficult for a beginner.
Where to start, which products to promote or create? How to promote sites? What are the free ways to promote and what are the paid ones? Which is most effective? For which type of business? Which is the fastest way? Which programs/software you need? How to make the graphics? How to get found? These are just a few questions every beginner/newbie wants to find out.
Besides that he/she needs an internet marketing vocabulary because the words used by the internet marketers are specific and unknown to the average computer/internet user.
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