Ending a Relationship That is Breaking Up is Hard to Do

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Ending a relationship is not something easy to decide on but when a relationship has gone sour and a point of no return has been reached, someone has to make the move to end it.
In fact many a relationship lasts long after it has breathed its last, only because either of the parties is not willing to declare 'it's over.
' If a break-up happens dramatically, with display of hysterics and even a bit of violence (even if it involves only physical objects like glass articles, clothes etc!), then there is no need for any formal step to end the relationship.
But most often, the relationship just fades away and reaches a stage of 'clinical death,' with no one pronouncing a physical death! Ending a relationship in a way that would hit neither party is a job that will involve quite a good amount of skill and a lot of discretion.
Obviously, you must act both sensitive and sensible.
First, you should be clear about why you want to terminate the relationship.
The very first reason that surfaces in your mind in response to this question may not be the real reason.
Think further and let yourself know why you want to do it.
It is possible that you may conclude that the relationship can still be revived, then you need to think on those lines.
Once you are clear in your mind as to why you want to do what you are about to do, then follow an honest approach.
This means that you will be true to yourself and to your partner, when you are going to talk it over with him/her.
Fix up a time for formalizing the breakup.
It is better to do it in person rather than over the phone, unless you both are miles apart and a personal meeting may not be possible, in the near future.
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