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Every single instant of now expands to the size and shape of your calling.
What are you asking of this moment? This very moment may not be grabbing your attention.
It may not seem noticeable or noteworthy.
Maybe nothing much is happening right now.
No great events.
No deep emotions.
And yet, every moment, even this one, throbs with infinite potential.
There is not one single instant of now that is not a valuable gem.
A crystal of infinite facets.
A brilliant opening with the ability to reveal divine light.
Rough Moments Some moments present a more challenging configuration than others.
If your ship is being tossed by a turbulent situation, you can navigate through the difficulty more smoothly.
You can influence its resolution.
You have more power in your own experience than you may realize.
You can begin by recognizing that the negative emotion you are feeling is an indication of a strong desire.
Once you shift the crosshairs of your mental focus away from the problem and toward the desire that is calling to you, you begin to reframe the whole situation.
The despair, depression, rage or fear were only there to get your attention.
They were blaring the alarms of disconnection, telling you that you had temporarily veered off course and were out of tune with your heart's desire.
What a great system.
So, when you are feeling really, really bad, develop a new reflex.
Instead of interpreting that bad feeling as, "This is a problem," see it as a signal.
When you notice that sick feeling in your stomach, let it trigger the understanding, "There is something I want and I am not yet resonant with that desire.
" Once you can truly replace the awareness of the problem with the understanding that you have a desire and it is just a matter of time before you come into harmony with it, you are back on course and you can begin enjoying the ride again.
Once your viewfinder is no longer centered on the outer circumstance, you have new possibilities within your reach.
Once you zoom in on what it is you want and you start moving yourself into alignment with that desire, you are actively shifting the outcome and you're on your way to bright moments.
Bright Moments The polishing process does not add anything to the stone or the metal.
It reveals their essence.
When we polish the rough moment we do not have to fix it or paint it or decorate it.
We are not trying to make it more rosy than it is.
When we polish the moment we are releasing the conflicting thought forms that obscure its natural beauty.
We don't have to add the light.
The now shines its own brilliance when we let it.
Then the moment transforms from rough to glimmering.
Equality Everyone's got as much now as everyone else.
You can't collect nows or deplete your store of nows.
You can't stockpile them or give them as gifts.
This one that is happening right now is yours to create with.
It cannot be stolen or lost.
It cannot be saved for later.
Use it now because it will be gone and another one will slide right in to replace it.
Since no one can take it away from you and since it is perpetually replenished, your now is your true wealth.
I invite you to polish it.
Let its essence shine forth.
Let this be the most fulfilling and satisfying moment you have had in a while.
Meditation Light a candle.
Watch the movement of the flame.
Notice its fluid continuity.
Feel how it straddles the space between physical and nonphysical.
Let it represent the moment for you.
Experience the elastic power of your now.
Soften your grip on the moment and let the dance of the flame teach you the secret of moving through every moment of now with bright light, soft power and fluid navigation.
Rough moments often shine up to offer the most beautiful lights and like the stars in the night sky, they offer the clearest sign of which way to go.
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