How to Remove System Tool

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System tool is a rogue antivirus program which infects your computer if installed unknowingly.
It displays fake alerts in the form of pop ups displaying severe threats present in your system.
It shows fake scan results every time you switch on your PC and promotes purchasing of licensed version of the software for complete removal of the threats present in your system.
Your system may get infected with such threats if you visit suspicious sites and download infected files from there.
It generateswarning claiming as your computer is severely infected with viruses and about data loss.
Rather you should ignore such fake alerts.
Moreover it may also change the default settings of your system.
It automatically scans your computer each time you log on the system displaying warning alert.
Your computer gets infected with anti-spyware program if you visit some suspicious websites promoting virus scans.
How to remove system tool In order to remove system tool infection you need to reboot your computer in safe mode using F8 key to prevent any data loss.
You need to manually remove the files stored in the folder named as random applications in documents and settings of C-drive of your computer.
However there are risks involved in the deletion of file which may cause error in your computer.
Alternatively, you need to download anti-malware software.
Once installed it requires to be updated.
You need to proceed further by clicking 'Next' option.
The software scans the entire program files stored in your computer along with security system tool.
After the successful completion of the scan result, it displays list of infected files of system tools.
You need to select them and click on remove files option.
It is effective in cleaning the malicious program files and in removing system tool from your computer.
Now your system is clean from the infection.
You may also use anti-virus software in order to remove such threats from your system.
The software should have latest updated version which scans your computer and deletes or quarantines the malicious program files.
The settings of your system which has been change including color of the background can be restored using windows maintenance program.
It is effective in restoring the default settings of your computer and results in better PC performance.
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