Work From Home Ideas - 2 Proven Strategies That Still Work

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Looking for work from home ideas? In a previous article I discussed a work from home business idea that was perfect for someone who wanted to start a business but did not know the first thing about getting started or how.
There are two other work from ideas that are great for anyone with no experience.
There are a few things that I looked for in a business when I first got started.
I was looking for a business that:
  • Was easy to get started.
    It would not require a lot time to set up and get running.
  • Already had a system in place just like a franchise and all I had to do was plug it in and turn the key, and it did not require a franchise type of investment in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Training and support.
    Training I had access to at anytime and I could follow it step by step.
  • I could run from home, or least anywhere I wanted to with a laptop.
    Home gets boring sometimes for me, and I need to get out.
    Can anyone say Starbucks or the park?
After much searching, I came across two businesses that I could do from home and it fit the criteria I was looking for.
Affiliate Type Business This is also known as affiliate marketing.
Basically it's a business where you find products, usually someone else's, promote it by referring people who are interested in the product to the merchant, and in return you are paid for referring the customer.
There are many ways you could get paid.
One way is by simply referring the customer.
The other is when the customer actually purchases the product you are promoting.
Promote an eBook or Information Products If you have a specialized skill or something of interest that you think someone would be interested in, have you thought about writing an eBook? EBooks are a great way to start a business online.
It is very inexpensive to do.
You would have to set up a website, but these days that is not all that expensive to do.
EBooks are also very inexpensive to create, and the profit margins are huge.
You keep all the profits from the sale, unlike affiliate products where you are paid a commission.
Unless of course you are promoting someone else's eBook or information product.
In this case it would be more like an affiliate.
This is just an overview of two types of work from home business.
There are also many other work from home business ideas.
I would encourage everyone to do their research and practice due diligence when selecting a business.
I hope this article provided you with a few ideas to get you started.
Here is to your success!
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