Getting Over a Breakup - 9 Magic Don"t Do"s If You Want Them Back

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Most of us have been through a breakup.
Whether you are the "Dumpee" or the "Dumper" getting over the breakup can be tough.
It will take time, but action on your part can make the process go much faster.
If you are thinking you'd like to win your ex back, or just to keep your self respect & class here are some things you definitely don't want to do.
We all know you want what you can't have, so that is your assignment: become unattainable.
  • It's a high tech world but don't succumb to your urge to text your ex.
    Don't rationalize it, just don't do it.
    No way no how.
  • Don't call them either.
    It makes you seem desperate.
    That's sort of like setting your magnetism to "repel"
  • Don't respond to your ex's texts or calls either.
    They will pick up the scent of hope in your voice.
  • Don't let yourself go.
    Now is the time to turn up your hotness.
    Get out and exercise, it will help you get over a breakup and you'll make yourself much more attractive.
  • Don't stay home waiting for them to call.
    They won't.
    Accept it.
  • Don't try to analyze the situation.
    You have a warped point of view, find something else to think about.
  • Don't give into your desire to beg, plead, cry or bargain to get your ex back.
    You'll just humiliate yourself, lose your self respect and hate yourself later.
  • Don't play that silly jealousy game, showing up in places they will be with your new guy or gal.
    It doesn't work and you will become a "user".
    Two strikes on the same pitch.
  • Don't stop by to get your things.
    Write them off, your ex will see right through you.
    Stay away at all costs no matter how tempted you are.
Remember, your goal here is to become unattainable.
Getting on with your life, getting over the breakup, and being "happy" is what will make you attractive.
And if it doesn't work on your ex, you'll be setting up that attraction magnet for a better catch.
You can't lose either way.
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