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With the world financial crisis still looming over everyone's heads, people are now thinking long and hard about availing of loans and cash advances from financial institutions. With people losing their homes, cars and other properties due to non payment, they are now very skeptical about loans no matter how fast, easy and tempting it may be.

Financial institutions such as banks are now making it so much easier for people to avail of cash advances, some to the extent of not going through background checks just so they could entice people to apply for a loan.

For as long as anyone can remember background and credit checks are a must before approving a person's application for a loan because the results of the checks is the basis of whether a person can pay the loan or not.

Should there be difficulties up ahead and the borrower can no longer pay the loan amount, the company can always get back that person's property as payment for their loans. This is what is happening now not just in the United States but all over the world. Is doing away with background checks a good move or will it wreak more havoc in the long run?

People have to understand that despite the fact that people are now having a hard time paying their debts, a lot of people would still want to avail of additional cash especially if it's very easy to get hold of. Most of the people who go ahead and apply for these are those who are up to their necks in debts and are being hounded by the companies they owe money to. The quick fix for most of these people is getting more loans to pay back the old ones.

What they do not realize is that it will bite them back in the long run. For example, a middle-aged, unemployed married man has to pay his card debts. He is told that if he cannot pay the minimum in such a time he will be charged with more interest until it would be impossible for him to pay off his credit card debt.

If he avails of the quick-fix loan and pays off his credit card debt, he is now bound to pay the company who lent him the money to pay off his debts plus interest. Since he is unemployed, how can he now pay for his new debt which is higher compared to his old debt?

No matter how one looks at it getting money quick and easy with no guarantee of being paid back is risky. Credit checks should be done at all times to avoid more losses and bankruptcy. What the companies can probably do is shorten the waiting period to avail of the loan or lessen the red tape but credit checks should never be taken out of the equation if they want their business to continue and prosper.

What about bad credit car loans?

A bad credit score may be disheartening but it should not totally discourage you from getting a car. Cars are necessities nowadays, with public transport becoming more inconvenient than ever. However, you do need to learn how to deal with a bad credit car loan without having so much trouble. Here are some tips you can use.

1. Determine the car you want to buy. Remember, that you have a bad credit score to deal with. Therefore, pick one that is not too expensive. This does not mean you choose one with low quality though.

2. Find a car loan provider that is not too strict in approving bad credit car loans. Choose two options but approach first the one that offers lower interest rates. Ask people you know if they can recommend one.

3. Use the free quotes provided online. This lessens the time you spend for searching the right financer. Do not be contented with just one quote. Try as many as you can and find the cheapest interest rates.

4. Know your credit rating. If you think it is not accurate, prepare yourself some explanations just in case you the car financing company ask you questions about it. However, do not argue with the lender regarding your score.

5. Impress the auto loan provider when you meet. If you appear shabby, their representative will have the impression that you cannot comply with your repayment obligations. With what you are wearing, tell them that you can pay back.

6. Provide a guarantee. With your credit score, you certainly have to assure the financer that you can repay the auto loan. Give them security. You can use your home. You may even use the car that you are buying.

7. Give the biggest down payment you can make. If you give the lender a big down payment, you are actually proving your seriousness in repaying the loan. This is also to your benefit; you have lesser instalments to pay later.

8. Find a car dealer you can rely on. You may have to settle with a used car because of the smaller car financing you get with your bad credit rating. Buy a used car that is worth your payment.

9. Make payments promptly. Consider this as a chance to redeem yourself and improve your credit score. Therefore, make sure that you can make regular payments for the car loan.

10. Do not be discouraged if a financer disapproves your auto loan application. There are still more car loan companies waiting for you. Instead of throwing away your dream of having a car, just recompose yourself and look for another one.
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