Things to Say to Your Ex to Make Them Think About You a Lot More! Follow This Advice Right Now

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Okay, so you really want to get their brain working, eh? You really want to say some things to your ex that will get them to think, rather than blurt out whatever nonsense you're used to hearing.
Well, be careful for what you wish for - or at least enjoy your show...
You Liked it That Way This one is great especially if they are complaining about something you "always did".
By blatantly telling them that they were the ones who liked it that way, it will make them stop and think what the heck could be so wrong about the situation that not only did you not see whatever it was that was driving them crazy, you actually thought they liked it! It's Okay, You'll Find Someone Else This one will make them think just because they may not want to hear that from you, regardless of the nature of the split up.
It's nicer to think that you'd be fighting to get them back, not comforting them and encouraging them to go off and find true love elsewhere.
I'll Drive You to Your Wedding This one just has shock value, especially if you say it sincerely.
Not only does it say "hey you're going to be just fine" and "I really don't want to have anything to do with you as far as marriage is concerned" but it also says "I'm so nice, I'll even take you".
Talk about a head spinner.
We Should Have Stayed "Just Friends" This one is something to think about, especially since it may actually be true.
It may even be good for you both to ponder.
Great friendships that could have lasted a lifetime can be ruined if pushed to the next level, and it's good to think about it, and know your limits in order to recognize it in the future.
As they say: an ounce of prevention...
Your Mother Should Have Aborted This one may be downright crass, but it will get your ex thinking - something.
In fact, they will probably be thinking more than one thing really! Though, perhaps it's best to refrain from going into what those things actually are.
I'd Tell You to Go to Hell, but You Already Live There If this is said in anger, it actually doesn't hold as much weight.
If you say this to your ex as cool and as matter-of-factly as you can manage, they will stop and really think about it.
After all, no one wants to give off the impression that they live in hell, and if you're telling them they do, it may just be enough to prompt at least a little bit of self reflection.
Never Have Children This one may be harsh, and hopefully you'll never have to say it an mean it, but telling someone they should never have children will be sure to boil their blood, and get their mind reeling.
Especially since this can be taken so many ways - it's an easy saying to get your ex to think - about what you mean, how could you mean it, and oh my is it true?
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