How to Convert Audio Into an AVI File

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    • 1). Open Windows Movie Maker (WMM). This will be located in the Main Programs or Accessories menu. While there are other programs available, WMM is free, quick and simple to use. However other alternatives include programs such as Sonic and Roxio (see Resources).

    • 2). Import a picture or pictures if you wish; this will give your listeners a visual while listening to your music. Under "Capture Video," click on "Import Pictures," then locate a file to add. This will appear in the middle of your screen. Drag the picture down to the timeline, dropping it in the first box in the lower left hand corner. This is an optional step, however. Your movie will simply have a black screen without adding any visuals.

    • 3). Import your audio file. Again under Capture Video, click on "Import Audio or Music." Locate your music file, then press "OK." Drag it down and drop it on top of your picture; this will adjust the storyboard to a timeline.

    • 4). Click on your audio/music (second row of the timeline) and drag it under your picture. Then click on the right edge of your picture, and drag the end out so it's as long as your picture.

    • 5). Save the file. Under Finish Movie, click on "Save to My Computer". Name the movie and choose a location to save it. Choose "Other Settings" on the next screen, then select "DV-AVI". Click "Next" and allow WMM to save the file. When done, your AVI will be completed.

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