What Is A Preferred Provider Organization?

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Preferred Provider Organization, or PPO as it is more commonly known as is a health insurance that most likely is acquired through a employer that encourages policy holders to use a network doctor by reimbursing at a higher percentage. If you decide to use a non network provider the rates are not as high.

An HMO or Health Maintenance Organization is much different than a PPO in that the HMO insists that you must use your primary care doctor for all your health issues. The PPO will let you choose which doctor you want to use to receive your treatment and you don't have to choose from a provided list of doctors or specialists. However your out of pocket expenses will be much greater, because your reimbursements will be less due to your not choosing a doctor or specialist from the Preferred Provider list.

A HMO is easy for most anyone to recognize because they go to have only one primary provider that will address all their health issues regardless of what they might be and before they can change who their primary provider is they must contact the HMO and let it be known of their intentions to switch to another primary provider. The PPO allows you to choose from a list of approved providers or if you insist you can seek care outside of the list and you are still covered. All this information is generally available on the insurance card and if not you can contact the employer Human Resources Dept. or the insurance company.

A few years ago the indemnity plans were all the rage because with one insurance card they could go to most any doctor and get treated and it would be paid for. However this was a few years ago and no one uses indemnity plans anymore. They have been replaced by a PPO which is very similar in how it works. The person can see whatever doctor they choose, but their out of pocket costs are higher and this is mainly because they are using the wrong providers. A little research on the matter will clear up the confusion and save the individual some serious bucks that will look very good in their pocket.

If you have no idea what type of health insurance coverage you have, a great place to start saving money is to find out. It is very easy to make a PPO work in your favor and with the list of very well trained and approved doctors, you will have no problem picking a great one to help you stay healthy and save some well deserved money at the end of the day. Treating your family to lunch can truly be on you.

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