How to Make Your Article Topic Unique

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You've probably heard the saying that there is nothing new under the sun.
This can also be said for online article topics.
As a writer your challenge is to make each article topic unique.
Sometimes this requires thinking outside the box in a big way.
There are some simple things you can do to help you make sure that the article you are writing is unique and offers information in a way that gives your readers a different point of view of the information than they can find anywhere else online.
Localize When you can relate your article to a specific location you are targeting readers in that area with what will seem to be personalized information.
No matter whether you are writing an article about an event or a national crime story you can find a way to make it relate to a place or a group of people specifically.
Personalize Interject your own personal feelings or opinions into your article.
Not every piece is able to be written as an op/ed piece but your tone can convey a great deal of personality into any piece, even one about how to separate recyclables.
Writing articles that people can relate to is a key to having a unique article topic and a "voice" that will resonate with your readers.
Approach Try looking at a topic from an unusual place, the end.
Start your article with where you actually want to end up, and then fill in the information to get you to that point.
For example if your topic is about teenagers and cell phone use, your first job is to figure out what the point of your article will be, maybe you feel that as teenagers they are old enough to help negotiate their cell phone usage.
Once you know where you want to end up, you can plot the steps to get there.
Each and every article on the internet that is an original article says a lot of things that are similar to other articles on the same topic, but each of them is also different because they are directed at a certain demographic or are more personally related and because each writer has a different approach.
Don't become frustrated by the lack of unique topics, just find a way to make any topic you tackle your own.
Then you can be sure to be successful with everything you write.
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