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Here are some tips from the R.
Andrews Technicians on how you can save money and ensure your comfort with your home's heating system: - Have your furnace tuned up and inspected for safety before the coldest weather arrives.
Have a professional change your filter, inspect your blower wheel (and clean, if needed), check burner for rust, and check heat exchanger for cracks to make sure your system is running efficiently.
Your heating system makes up most of your family's energy bill.
- Caulk around all your exterior door trim and windows.
While you're at the doors, check to see if they need new weather-stripping.
- Check your attic, attached garage walls and basement to be sure you have adequate insulation.
- Use a programmable thermostat while you're not at home or asleep at night.
They assure your comfort and save on energy bills.
The newest generation can store six or more settings per day.
- Consider a Hybrid Heating System.
With prices of heating your home with gas up almost 70% over last year, a Hybrid System allows you to run your heat on electricity until the coldest weather, and then switches over to gas heating.
This is the ideal for optimal efficiency and comfort.
- If your heating system is over ten years old, switching to a new, efficient system could pay for itself with the money you'll save on utilities.
With 90% Variable speed furnaces, you get maximum gas efficiency, low electricity usage and even delivery of warm air - no more hot and cold spots.
- Change your ceiling fan switches to rotate in reverse (clockwise).
This pulls the warmer air down into the living zone.
- Install foam gaskets on all your exterior wall outlets, light switches and receptacles.
This prevents air/wind leaks from competing with your furnace.
Be sure to turn off the electricity at the breaker box before installing the gaskets.
- Have a whole-house humidifier installed on your home heating system.
Humidity levels have a great impact on your comfort.
You can dial down your thermostat four degrees and feel just as comfortable.
- Switch to a tankless water heater.
Why pay to heat and reheat your old tank water heater...
even when you're not at home? Switch to an on-demand water heater and save up to 70% on your gas usage.
- Check any exposed heating ducts for loose joints and leaks.
If you find any, call a professional to repair your duct system.
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