Getting Your Girlfriend Back While Keeping Your Self Respect

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When it comes to the topic of getting your girlfriend back, you don't have to sacrifice your dignity and self respect.
You don't need to go on your hands and knees begging her to take you back.
You should be able get your girlfriend back without seeming desperate.
There are steps you can take for getting your girlfriend back without lowering your self esteem.
If she ended the relationship with you, make it look like she made a big mistake.
Remind her of what it was that attracted her to you to begin with.
For example, if it was your attitude that you displayed towards her in the early stages of the relationship or because she liked your outlook on life, this is the side of you that you want her to see again.
You need to prove to her that you are the same identical individual that she once loved.
If you're the one who ended the relationship, you must be willing to admit to her that you made a mistake.
Let her know that she's justified in being upset with you and tell her you wouldn't blame her if she didn't take you back.
Try saying something like: "I know I made the mistake of my life by ending it with you and I'm sorry if you're hurt by my bad decision.
All I can do is ask for your forgiveness and hope you will take me back.
" When getting your girlfriend back, make it clear that you don't expect a second chance.
(even though you really do).
Just ask her to forgive you and don't beg her to come back to you.
That would be an even bigger mistake than the original break up.
If she's interested in rekindling the relationship, you'll know it.
Admitting that you made a mistake will show her that you have character and that it takes a big person on the inside to admit they messed up.
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