How to Hang Orchids

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    • 1). Select an orchid mount. Commercial mounts are available or you can pick your own, such as a piece of sterile wood or cork.

    • 2). Screw a hook into the top of the mount so it can be hung when finished.

    • 3). Wet some peat moss to use between the orchid's roots and the mount.

    • 4). Remove the orchid from its previous media and gently clean off the roots.

    • 5). Set some peat moss on each side of the mount and arrange the orchid on it so it is pointing slightly up toward the hook.

    • 6). Tie the orchid's roots into place with some clear fishing line. Be careful not to damage the plants. Allow the peat moss to cushion the orchid as you secure it.

    • 7). Hang the orchid in the desired location, such as from the rafters, on a support or, weather permitting, from a tree.

    Potted Orchids

    • 1). Select a pot that is the right size for the orchid. Ensure the roots will not be squished when the plant is in the pot. Commercially made pots are available, but most pots will do. Synthetic pots hold water better than clay pots.

    • 2). Line the inside of the pot with damp peat moss and set the orchid inside.

    • 3). Hang the pot in a location where the orchid will not be brushing against the wall or other structures. Plant hangers that jut out from the wall are ideal for orchids.

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