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    Tools Needed

    • The first thing you need is a turntable, otherwise known as a record player. Make sure your record player has a hookup for output. This will make recording your CD much easier. If the turntable itself doesn't have outputs, hook it to a stereo system that does. Most stereo systems should have outputs. You'll also need a computer to record the music. Sound programs like Spin it Again will record and convert media. Find an audio recording program you like and know how to use. You will also need input and output cords that fit into your stereo system. A CD burner will burn the recorded media onto burnable CDs.


    • Put the record you want to record onto the turntable. Hook the cable from the output to the input. The record player should have the cable coming from the output connection while the computer should have it from the input. These connections should be on the back of your stereo system and computer. If the cord doesn't fit on both ends, there are adapters available that will increase the size of the adapter, making it possible to patch it up. Turn your computer on and open your recording program.


    • Before recording, run a brief test. Unhook the input from your computer and plug a microphone into the input. Hit record and speak into the microphone. Speak quietly to test how well quiet sounds are recorded. Speak loudly to test the volume limit before it starts cracking. Adjust the volume controls in the sound options, limiting the highs and lows to acceptable levels. Plug your cord back into your computer input.


    • Start your recording program on the computer. Start it before playing the record, so you can get all the music. Start your record, and let it play all the way through the first side. Pause recording on your computer to flip over the album, and record the second side in the same way. You will now have an uninterrupted track of LP music on your computer.


    • Once you record your track, you can edit it into individual tracks using your sound recorder's editing abilities. Listen to the music and stop at the end of each song. Copy the section that represents a song, and paste it into another sound recording file. Save it as the name of the track. Do this with each track to have separate CD tracks. Once they're all edited, put in a blank CD and open a CD burning program. Most computers come with this free, like Windows Media Player. Click the tracks you want, arrange them in order and burn the CD.

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