Flirting Tips For Bold Yet Clueless Guys

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Why is flirting with women easier to some men and more difficult for others? Is it the looks? Is it the charm? Or is it just too much to drink? Why do some men get more lovin' than others while some don't? Flirting with women is as much a mystery to men as quantum physics! Is it because women are really unpredictable? The randomness of women and the overwhelming feeling many women give to men in social situations makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable, even insecure! What really scares men the most are the sexual harassment charges women can potentially give you at the snap of their fingers - and the possibility for that dose of pepper spray.
Just kidding.
But, seriously, guys, when it comes to flirting with women, it's the feeling of discomfort - the "butterflies in the stomach" kind of feeling - that really gets to you.
Many of you can't approach women as you are and you try to come up with a game plan as if you are thrown into the heat of battle - as well as an escape plan when things go terribly wrong.
Here are some flirting tips by the women expert that you should know about and that could help you formulate your game plan on how to flirt and approach women.
Flirting Tip One: Flirt Funny Taking yourself and the situation less seriously, putting on your happy face, showing off your smile and trying to be the funny guy can actually pay off in a lot of situations.
This is because flirting is more effective when the woman's defenses are down.
Humor easily catches women off-guard in a good way.
Women love to laugh.
Women love spontaneity and action.
Women love a lot of positivity and good vibes and the easiest way to show this is to bring in the joy - and the occasional funny pickup line.
Stay calm, keep your cool, relax and have a fun time and she will get to like you in more ways than one! Flirting Tip Two: Flirt for Fun Being too stiff and serious about things puts many people off.
Remember, be playful! Have fun! Flirting is supposed to be a nice way to socialize - not a death sentence.
It is also important to set a mindset that no matter what happens, you're supposed to have fun flirting.
You don't need to think about the results - whether or not you could take her home or if she would call you later or tomorrow morning.
You don't need to think about your insecurities or your flaws either! So, what if she ends up not liking you? Simply brush yourself up, learn from your mistakes and move on.
There is a girl out there who'd love to be in your company, you just need to learn how to get her.
All you need to do is to be more optimistic about things.
Flirt proactively and flirt for the sake of flirting - flirt because it's fun! Flirting Tip Three: Flirt with Everyone Believe it or not, developing the skill of flirting is a matter of developing a better outlook of yourself and other people.
Being an effective flirt is a state of mind.
A few guys know this.
That is why they seem to have the "extraordinary" ability to attract the hottest, most attractive women.
They simply leave their flaws and insecurities at the door! To conquer your fear of flirting, learn to "flirt" with anyone and everyone.
This will create in you an "abundance mindset" and a good flirting "vibe".
Flirting is really about the abundance mindset - The more abundant you feel about women and yourself, the more you seem needy to women.
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