The Immortal Highlander by Karen Marie Moning

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If you have ever scoffed at the thought of reading a book about faeries, this one will change your mind.
"The Immortal Highlander" by Karen Marie Moning is a love story full of intrigue, passion, magic and time travel.
  Adam Black, a gorgeous and sexy immortal, crosses the Fae queen, Aoibheal, and is stripped of his powers.
She renders him mortal and invisible to humans and sends him to the human realm to see how they live.
If he can gain an audience with her, he knows he can convince her to lift the curse.
As luck would have it, he encounters Gabrielle O'Callaghan is a struggling law student.
 She's a mortal but she's also a Sidhe-seerone, one who possesses the ability to see the Tuatha Dé.
All her life she has been trained to keep her ability to see the fairies a secret, lest she be killed by them, but she is powerless to resist the seductive Adam Black.
Reluctantly, she agrees to help him.
But other forces are in play and someone means to kill Adam before he can become immortal again.
  This was the first of Karen Marie Moning's books that I read and it made me an instant fan.
She brings Scotland to life for the reader.
The mythology is well conceived and her characters are captivating.
Alpha male Adam Black is the "bad boy" of the Tuatha De Danaan.
He is a delicious hero - tall, dark and oh so sexy.
But the strong willed Gabrielle is clearly his match.
There's no need to have read the previous books, although you'll want to, after finishing this one.
Get lost in the world of faeries, it's great fun and you'll be hoping for a happily ever after for this fairy tale.
  Publisher: Dell (July 26, 2005) ISBN: 978-0440237563 Mass Market Paperback: Pages 400 Price: $6.
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