How to Go Down on Her Properly - The Best Tongue Techniques to Make Her Orgasm Multiple Times

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A lot of men think that they know what they are doing when it comes to cunnilingus but they would be surprised.
If you can't make your woman orgasm every single time you stimulate her with your tongue, then you are doing something wrong and you need some help.
You need to learn how to go down on her properly.
You need to change the way you look at oral sex.
Oral sex should be used to bring your woman to pleasure.
It is all about her in this moment and it is not about your needs.
Men tend to get a little selfish in the bedroom and you don't want to do that to her.
You want to please her until she is satisfied and you aren't going to use oral sex as a precursor to sex.
You want to finish what you started and that is what she wants you to do too.
You are going to learn some tongue techniques to make her multiple times.
You aren't just going to give her one climax to make her feel good but you are going to give her pleasure until she asks you to stop or until she can't take it anymore and you are going to be able to do that today because you are going to learn how to go down on her properly.
First and foremost, your tongue must stay on her clitoris if you expect to give her amazing pleasure.
A lot of men make the mistake of trying to stimulate the g-spot during oral sex.
Your tongue cannot reach this spot on her body so don't even try.
Another tip to go down on her properly is to get her going with not going your tongue but your lips as well.
Kissing her down there can feel amazing to her and it can give her an experience that she will surely never forget.
The balance of your wet tongue and your soft lips will drive her wild and by using this technique, you will surely get her to orgasm multiple times.
To give her added stimulation during oral sex, you can stimulate her g-spot with your fingers.
This will also help her to orgasm more than just once because she has more to work with.
This is how you are going to give her some of the best pleasure of her life and how you are going to go down on her properly.
Your tongue, lips and fingers are all very big contributing factors to her orgasm so don't mess it up.
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