Ideas for Watering New Trees and Improving Poor Soil

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Each year millions of homeowners take to their yards with improvement ideas that will last a lifetime. These improvement ideas typically include new trees, which take an otherwise boring stretch of grass and fill it with future beauty and shade for a hot summer day. This activity is found to be very rewarding, but it can also be quite expensive. New trees have been nursed for years to get to the present size, and we pay the price when they resemble what we want.

Jump ahead a few weeks…. the creation fun is over…. the maintenance begins. Summer arrives, temperatures go up, and the rain stops. Time to start watering or those expensive trees will become nothing more than sticks poking out of the ground. Now watering doesn't have to be a chore, it can be fun too! With just 10 – 15 minutes of your time once a week, there is a watering system that will take care of everything else. That system is the Tree I.V. Self-Contained Root Feeder. Combined with a 3-Step Soil Improvement system and you can rest easy knowing that you have done everything possible to maximize the health and growth of your new landscaping.

Here's how it works: Tree I.V. is a delivery tool to get water and soil amendments directly to the root-well for maximum benefit and minimum loss. It includes a deep root feeder tube that attaches to a 5-gallon reservoir which fills in seconds. The drain time is natural, as determined by the percolation rate of your soil. If your soil is high in clay, then you should expect poor percolation and poor plant and tree performance. This is where the 3-Step Soil Improvement system is the most useful:

Step 1: Soil Penetrator relieves tension in clay soil and in water, increasing the mobility of water throughout the entire root-well.

Step 2: Soil Enhance is an organic supplement that promotes healthy microbial growth in the root well, leading to improved nutrient uptake in the feeder roots.

Step 3: Extreme Fertilizer is a popular blend of NPK, the three main nutrients needed for growth and beauty.

These great tree care products are available online at You can read much more about the features and benefits, testimonials, and find the popular packages that best suit your needs.

Sayegrow provide drip irrigation fertilizer tree root injector with cap. You have to push it into root well by removing cap after attaching a Reservoir and after that you can fill it with water. These tree root injector are very easy and convenient in use.
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