How to Engage the Amazing Power of Praise

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Christianity is not just a religion but a reality.
What you believe from what you hear, as a Christian, determines what you become.
The Scripture said that Paul and Silas were chained and kept in prison but when they began to sing and praise God, God sent an Angel to come and rescue them from the prison.
Praise is one prescription that destroys every habit and atmosphere that causes discomfort.
Praise can make you to become a master over your masters.
No wonder, as in the case of Paul and Silas, the soldier that was supposed to order them around was calling them "sirs" because of the amazing deliverance they got by praising God.
According to the Scripture, the evil spirit that was tormenting King Saul left him immediately the young David began to play the harp.
You have prayed enough; I think it's time for you to praise God.
You don't praise God to feel good or excited rather you need to praise God so you can engage God to work on your behalf.
King David danced and danced until God was forced to say that David is a man after his own heart.
So, it was praise that drew David closer to God than all men in his generation.
As a child of God, favour is your birthright but praise is your access.
The early church, in the words of the Scripture, were praising God and having favour with all the people.
It's the favour of God that makes all the difference.
The weapon of praise can terminate every problem in your life because praise moves God to action.
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