Using Newsletter Subscriptions to Maintain Contact

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If you have recently launched a new website, you've probably already been pleasantly surprised with a few days of peak traffic, especially if you've taken any time to promote your web address on social media, networking and bookmarking sites.
Many dedicated web surfers are willing to check out a new website at least once, particularly if you've been creative with the way you've designed your content and features.
Peak traffic days are nice, but in order to have a profitable website, you've got to figure out how to create sustained traffic by creating loyal visitors that will return to your site often.
Newsletter subscriptions are a great way to capture an interested visitor and encourage them to return to your site again through regular communication.
You can do all you want to promote your content and web address on the internet and through traditional marketing outlets all you want, but all of those methods depend on the reader actually making the decision to click through to your site to check the content out.
By utilizing newsletter subscriptions, you have the option of bringing the content (and a link) out to the user, right into their inbox, in fact.
But now the question remains, how does one get people to sign up for newsletter subscriptions in the first place.
Well, this may sound like a circular argument, but the best way to generate this interest is to offer stellar content and attractive products and pricing.
Don't turn your website into a giant flashing internet sign; instead let your attractive features and user friendly design speak for you.
Once you've impressed the user with a truly helpful or interesting article or resource that didn't try to sell them anything, they will respect your site as something more than just a place to buy something.
That's when you offer them a way to stay in touch with your site and a way to gain access to this content before anyone else does; by signing up for the newsletter.
Newsletter subscriptions make it possible to communicate with your entire interested user base at a moment's notice.
If you're going to have a last minute sale, or have suddenly run out of a popular product, your loyal customers will be the first to know, and will probably be likely to forward the information on to others who aren't even known to you yet.
In everything you do, be conscious of how the user will perceive it, and be sure to design the newsletters in a way that you yourself would enjoy.
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