Crowdfunding - A Definition of Crowdfunding

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'Crowdfunding' is a popular term applied to the increasingly commonplace practice of raising funding for documentary films by seeking donations from the general public and potential audiences. Crowdfunding efforts can be imitated during and specified for a film's early development phase, in-process production, film completion and/or distribution.

How to Initiate Crowdfunding

Documentary filmmakers can initiate crowdfunding campaigns on the Internet, usually utilizing sites such as Kickstarter or IndieGoGo.

Both are dedicated crowdfunding sites which allow filmmakers to describe and pitch their projects and post in-progress updates. The sites provide a running tally on the total sum raised from individual contributions, the number of contributors, and they keep a countdown of the days until the campaign comes to an official end.

Both sites require documentary filmmakers to state a fund raising goal, and that goal must be reached within a specified time frame, or none of the funds raised are delivered to the filmmaker and project. See the sites for rules and regulations.

Social Media Sources

Filmmakers may also initiate crowdfunding campaigns through facebook, Twitter and other networks where Film Funding Club and similar groups post updates. Or, they can appeal directly to their friends and tweebs.
Nonprofit Support Groups
Or they may organize a campaign through a nonprofit that's related to their film's subject. For example, a film such as Back Walking Forward, Kavery Kaul's enlightening documentary about a man suffering from traumatic brain injury, might be supported through various nonprofit associations that deal with brain injuries.

Many documentary filmmakers works independently, without studio backing and set arrangements for distribution, and crowdfunding initiatives have become a very important part of documentary filmmaking.

Also Known As: kickstarting, film funding campaigns,

Alternate Spellings: crowd funding


One of the leading resources for online 'crowdfunding' is Kickstarter.
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