Why Do Drugs Relieve Yeast Infection Symptoms Temporarily?

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If you have yeast infection symptoms that is a question that needs answering.
The reality today is that 3 out of every 4 women end up with these nightmarish infections almost every month, while it's not rare for men to get fungal infections, they do not get them as frequent as women do.
The problem is that unless you are addressing the root cause of the infection, candida overgrowth, these infections are here to stay.
This article will highlight important information on the relief of these symptoms using standard drugs.
Women are prone to fungal infections during pregnancy, after menstruation and during menopause.
Common yeast infection symptoms include: vaginal itching, a white and thick vaginal discharge which smells of yeast, vaginal irritation and soreness, discomfort during sexual intercourse and a burning sensation when urinating.
While men are not immune to fungal infections many acquire them through unprotected sex with infected female partners and they also experience similar yeast infection symptoms such as: a white discharge, burning, itching, red and patchy sores on the head of the penis along with redness of the foreskin.
The drugs recommended for vaginal and penile yeast infections contain antifungal agents but in the case of women, many of these cannot be taken if you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant or are breastfeeding.
They all have side effects from minor such as headaches and burning to more serious effects such as shortness of breath and kidney infections.
Because many of these drugs are available over the counter it is imperative that you read the label to know what to expect.
These drugs provide temporary relief to yeast infection symptoms, they are not designed to address or eradicate the root cause of the problem.
This is the main reason why women experience another bout of candida infection in just a couple of weeks of finishing treatment.
Studies show that they cannot stop recurring yeast infections as they do not address the underlying cause of the infection- candida overgrowth.
Overtime the infection becomes drug resistant and despite being prescribed more courses of these treatments, the reality is that you are feeding the body even more antibiotics - the main cause of yeast overgrowth.
The solution many women have found is through the use of alternative treatments based on natural remedies, diet and lifestyle changes which addresses both, the main cause of fungal infections as well as symptoms.
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