Getting Game with a Game Changing Rap Beat Maker

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If having the ability to fast and furiously roll-out fresh and clean rap grooves instead of ripping one from a favorite artist's jam is your idea of a super power, you're probably wondering if you can acquire it with a rap beat maker.

If you've tried high-end Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) like FL Studio (formerly Fruity Loops), Cubase or Reason you've probably come to the conclusion that finding your rap beat game with one of these programs is not only super complicated but requires the buying power of fat cat billboard producer, if you're going to cop all the aftermarket gear (i.e. VSTs, sound cards, synthesizers, MIDI controllers, studio quality samples) that they're designed for. If you're like most MCs, battlers or freestylers getting their start, you're not ready to become a starving sound design student just for a rap beat maker.

On the other side of the rap beat maker coin, you also probably know about the "hey, look mom, I'm making wicked cool beats online" so-called beat makers that are popping and dropping all over the triple W dot these days. Considering that these "in-thing" programs aren't even beat makers as much as one bar MP3 loopers (that often also only let you mix lossy pre-canned loops, as if you're making a beat bean salad), you instantly knew that you'd rather buy your beat fix than be a wankster hustling second generation compressed MP3 loops your kid sister used for a ringtone on her cell phone.

Even if you found an online rap beat maker that was working with a wide range of studio quality samples (not open source MP3) and that allowed you to build your bar count (so you could produce a fully structured track), and track out your final to lossless WAV files, you're being hit with ads and spam like you're the world's biggest sucker or charged as if you parked your car in Time Square. And then there's the risk of feeling like the world's biggest idiot if your internet goes (or slows) or their site goes bye bye without without waving.

If you've concluded that you're stuck between a rock and hard place when it comes to finding a rap beat maker that'll let you pop-off beats as hard as the one's you're vibing on in your playlist, don't let the air out of your hard-pressed dream just yet.

A new breed of rap and urban music beat maker has pretty much leveled the playing field for those who want to jam home slamming rap hits, without having to spend months in training while eating re-refried beans to save up for more gear. These lean, mean new beat making machines like DUBturbo (which kicked of the down to earth beat making movement in 2010) and Cyber Sequencer are quietly scooping up the rap and hip hop heads who haven't gotten in the overpriced and exclusive beat making limousine, or on the rickety and crowded online beat making bandwagon.

The tire-spinning producers or MCs who're getting on this rap beat making express usually don't have to think twice about it either, since it's offering them a library of thousands of studio recorded, urban and traditional WAV samples (worth thousands), the ability to parse and add their own and a hotkey triggered sequencer, drum machine and keyboard for the price of a weekend metro bus pass.

Considering their US $600 rap beat maker humiliating price point (and anti-drip feeding, FREE 20 year update offer), DUBturbo probably wouldn't still be in business if all the homeboys and girls taking them up on their, "Make your maddest beat in an hour or your jack back," proposal didn't live up to their side of the bargain.

This turbo-charged urban beat maker (along with the up and coming Cyber Sequencer) also comes with step-by-step video training from a real rap producer, so even if the closest you've come to making beats is making beets (for dinner), you're kinda stuck for excuses for not knocking out a top-dog rap artist worthy hit, right off the bat.

And while, even with a new-school rap beat maker, you may not have the game to seal the lottery ticket deal with a rapper like The Game anytime soon, you can always make back the piece of bread you dropped for the software by immediately selling your mixes to others in the rap grind, in marketplaces like DUBturbo's.

No matter how much beat game you have or are working to get, the fact is that thanks to the game changing new-line rap beat maker, you now have the opportunity to get off the sidelines and make some spine cracking rap beat noise.
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