Getting Game with a Game Changing Rap Beat Maker

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1. Get motivated, passionate and excited!
It's so much easier to become a success when you are motivated, passionate and excited about your dream or goal. When you exhibit this kind of contagious and positive energy, things begin to happen in your life. You become attractive, people are drawn to you, and doors of opportunity begin to open up. Understanding the reason why you want to achieve your goal, how achieving it will impact the lives of others and how important it is that you make it a reality is a great motivating factor for success. It inspires your passion and makes you excited to aggressively and relentlessly go after what you want, mobilize resources and achieve the success you want.

2. Commit to the process of success.
As you work on your business or project, make a commitment to see yourself through every situation you encounter. Every journey in life has obstacles to be faced and overcome. There are periods when you will have high energy and other times when you won't feel like getting up in the morning! There are times when you will have support and other times when there will be no one to help. One moment you will know what to do and the next moment you won't. These ups and downs are all part of the process of life and success. You must therefore commit yourself 100 percent, mentally, financially and time-wise to ensure that you keep your dream alive. To ensure your success, be prepared to do all you can and be willing to do your best.

3. Push yourself.
To achieve success you must push yourself. You must keep putting one foot in front of the other until you get to the finish line. You must not give up even when your motivation is low and your passion is waning. Your work still has to go on. Do whatever is necessary to keep the dream alive. Successful women are those who still open their business doors every morning, even when they don't feel like it. Just like these women, it's up to you to keep your work, project, and business afloat. You have to go the extra mile to ensure that you become a successful woman. Push yourself!

4. Invest in a network of support.
Surround yourself with successful people who are making their lives happen. People who will support, mentor, coach, train or provide useful resources for you to make your life a success. Do whatever you need to do to ensure that you achieve the success you want. If it means, investing in a coach for accountability, clarity, challenge, support, motivation and guidance. Do it. If you have to spend money to get relevant training to help you achieve your goals…do it. Attend seminars and workshops to help you sharpen your knowledge and stay motivated. Ask like minded people to mentor you or friends to act as a sounding board and provide fresh perspectives for your ideas.

5. Set a deadline for yourself.
Goals are dreams with deadlines. In order to become a success your goal or specific objectives must be attained within a specified time frame. If you don't have a deadline within which to accomplish your goal, what you have is a wish and nothing else. A deadline propels you in the right direction and motivates you to make your dream become tangible. By what specific date do you plan to finish that project? By when do you plan to launch your business? By when will you apply for that job? How will others know that you have become a success? What kind of evidence will speak for your success?

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