Staying Healthy With the Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course

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When you complete your Level 2 fitness instructor course you will learn a great deal of information about group training. You will start with an understanding of anatomical and physiological components of the major systems of the body. From there you will learn about the components of fitness and how to design an effective training program through an integration of resistance machines, lower back and abdominal exercises, free weights, flexibility, and the standard warm up and cool down sessions. You will learn about the professional aspects of working as a fitness instructor including health and safety regulations and ethics in your Level 2 fitness instructor course. You will then be taught what considerations must be made for special groups such as older people, very young people, disabled people, and pregnant people. Using this information you will learn about the foundation of fitness and how to properly design such a course and promote it. Your Level 2 fitness instructor course education will wrap up with instruction on team coaching activities and emergency first aid.

There are many benefits to staying healthy and incorporating strength training after your Level 2 fitness instructor course and you can teach all of them to your groups. The first benefit is losing body fat. It is a myth that you only need to do cardio exercises in order to get rid of excess body fat. While it is undeniably important to get your heart rate up and burn calories in this way, if you only do cardio workouts, you will end up losing muscle mass as well as fat. This may lead to a dramatic weight loss, but it is unlikely that you will achieve the figure you want, due to the muscle loss. In fact, you will lose more fat by incorporating weight lifting into your exercise. Weight lifting increases the proportion of lean muscle in your body, which leads to the metabolism becoming faster. Your metabolism determines how much energy the body uses when you are resting, so increasing it will mean that you burn more calories even when you are sitting still. The best way to increase metabolism and lose excess fat is to build muscle.

The second benefit to using the skills learned in the Level 2 fitness instructor course is increased strength, without bulky muscles. Many women worry that if they lift weights, they will develop bulky muscles and start to look like a bodybuilder. This can happen with men, if they focus purely on weights, but will not be the case for women. Women do not develop oversized muscles because we don't have enough of the male hormone, testosterone, in our bodies for this to occur. This means that you will look lean and toned instead, which cardio workouts alone simply won't be able to achieve. An increase in strength after you finish your Level 2 fitness instructor course will also mean that you find it easier to carry out a range of daily activities, and won't struggle as much to lift and carry objects.
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