Will History Repeat Itself - Speculation Against the Fed?

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In the eighties there was this system called the EMS and it got attacked twice during those years in 1982 and 1985.
Soros was held responsible for one of them.
Today Soros name is heard again.
We haven't seen him a while but all of a sudden he appears in interviews.
During the internet-bubble we acknowledge that "he had lost it," but perhaps these times are when he feels more at ease.
It is also possible that the same may happen as in 1982 when the EMS got attacked.
People - politician - argued that cold speculators had brought the system down.
I didn't believe it by that time, and wrote a thesis about those attacks.
Speculation when the odds are on your side is merely investing, nothing more.
Real speculation can never bring a financial system down.
Politics however can bring things down.
That is what we see.
The mister liberal markets chosen by Ronald Reagan is now seen as the master of incredibility, A system without rules doesn't work for long.
And politicians are sending mixed messages to the market.
In the end it is the market that will make up their own story.
One of such a message is a hold on short selling on financials.
Listen to it carefully and think about it.
What does it mean? The politicians are reacting like the bank of England in the eighties; they were afraid of speculators.
But the chances that the pound would be able to stick to the EMS were too low to fail any bet on it.
And so it happened.
Soros was held responsible, but it was the government of (the bank of) England where the real problem resided.
Will this happen again? If politician send the market a message to prohibit short-selling, aren't they inviting the hedge funds and speculators a free bet with more than 50% chance of winning it? I think it will happen again, just for the sake of history, which seems to repeat itself.
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