The Role of the Diet Carb in Nutrition and Obesity

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The role that diet carb plays in weight loss and maintenance has been the subject of debate by several experts.
Most of these so-called weight loss experts have been harsh in criticizing the negative role that carbohydrates play in the effort to lose weight or maintain the ideal bodyweight.
However, diet carb have been placed under a great big misconception in a negative light and therefore carbohydrates have gotten a bad name since the past few years since this vicious campaign against diet carb have been initiated.
The carbohydrate those experts are referring to points to the refined versions that are found in abundance in marts and stores all across the nation.
The processed flour, white bread, cakes and cookies, instant noodles, pasta and a horde of other refined and processed carbohydrate that ranks high on the Glycemic Index list and are indeed fattening for the body.
But natural diet carbs found in its natural state such as while grains, cereals and oat meals are very healthy and energizing for the body and far from being fattening at all.
It seems that nature is the perfect producer of food for the human race and the foods that have been left in its natural form without any refinement or processing is best for the body.
Unfortunately it seems that modern day technology has turned these natural storehouses of minerals and nutrition for the body into fat-laden delicious but nutritionally empty foods.
As much as these processed foods are very appealing to the palates, it is useless where nutrient and vitamins is in question.
Much of the most important trace elements and minerals that are naturally found in these sources of food have been destroyed in the processing mills.
It is a real tragedy that in an effort to serve visually appealing dishes made with refined food items, much of the natural nutrients Mother Nature has so generously provided in abundance within those sources of food have been stripped off and destroyed.
However, the hazards of modern day food processing technology don't stop there.
In an effort to keep the food around with a longer shelf life, men have invented preservation techniques and have added a slew of preservatives, chemical additive sand flavorings to make it even more appealing for the consumer marketplace.
All of these unnatural additives only add to the damage done by the processing process, we are left with food that have been severely depleted off its natural nutrients and minerals.
It is vitally important that you select diet carb that are unrefined and comes in its natural unprocessed state such as grains and cereals, barley or wheat germ which is an excellent source of diet carb when you are trying to lose weight.
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