How to Replace a KIA Sorento Cooling Fan Sensor

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    • 1). Locate the coolant temperature sensor in the cylinder head just below the valve cover on the front passenger side of the engine. It can be identified by its electrical plug with three wires. Do not attempt to replace the sensor unless the engine is cold.

    • 2). Unplug the coolant temperature sensor. Wrap Teflon tape on the new coolant temperature sensor threads. Using a wrench, turn the sensor counterclockwise and remove it. It is located high on the engine so little, if any, coolant will be lost.

    • 3). Install the new sensor by threading it into the cylinder head clockwise by hand to guarantee it is engaging the threads properly. Tighten the sensor to 29 foot-pounds of torque, using a torque wrench.

    • 4). Plug the electrical connector into the sensor. Top the radiator off with water if necessary.

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