Avoid Heartworm Infection

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Have you ever lost your dog to heart worms? We have.
The other day I was in our veterinarian's office and on the counter they had an example of a heart with its worm infection.
The years have passed since my cocker spaniel named 'Bummer' died, but it brought back memories of his condition.
He showed no symptoms; it was sudden.
We did do whatever was necessary to avoid heart worm infection.
Warm climate conditions Almost any pet which lives in warm climate conditions which are ripe for mosquito infestations is under the gun for heart worms.
There are preventative medicines for this condition.
It is my opinion that heart worm medication preventative is a necessity for animals living in warm climates to help avoid this terrible fatal infection.
Heart worm disease is a serious disease.
Death is the end result.
Cold climates Living in cold climates is not as hazardous to pets.
It is usually unnecessary to administer any heart worm medications under these conditions.
The two states of Georgia and Florida where I have lived found it necessary to administer this preventative.
Infected mosquitoes Heart worms are spread by infected mosquitoes.
The mosquito bites the dog transferring the larvae into the tissues of the dog.
The warm conditions offer a breeding zone for these worms.
They thrive and live successfully in the lungs and the heart.
The worms will grow quite lengthy and in great numbers to where it looks as though the heart is covered with a tangled mess of long loose threads.
Betsy was another one of my dog's that died from these worms.
I came home from work and heard her coughing.
She vomited a couple of times and she appeared very tired.
I thought she had eaten something which disagreed with her and decided that if she was not better the next morning I would take her to the vet.
The next morning I found her dead.
Betsy was an outdoor dog.
She preferred being outside and it was necessary that I give her heart worm medication, however, an infected mosquito managed to bite her.
She had lived to about age 8 or 9.
Six months hibernation After the fact, I learned that dogs do not show any signs of this infection for about 6 months.
She did have the coughing, and general weakness which came on suddenly.
I never saw her faint, which is another sign of this illness.
I did not hear any unusual sounds from her lungs or body.
These worms are contagious.
But, in all 3 instances each dog had been infected by a mosquito.
If you do not like using chemically prepared heart worm prevention you may wish to consider holistic options to keep your dog in optimum health in order to avoid this fatal infection.
Prevention tips
  1. The main priority is to keep mosquitoes away from dog or dogs
  2. Keep their immune system healthy
  3. There are strong feelings of avoiding unnecessary vaccines.
    Keeping your dog healthy lessens the chances of antibiotics being administered.
  4. Provide excellent nutrition for your pets.
    Include home cooked foods, raw food, or natural brands of dog foods.
  5. Use heart worm medication in warm climates
  6. Visit the holistic veterinarian for helpful ideas in maintaining the natural chemical nutrients of vitamins, minerals, essential oils, proteins, and more which are essential for good health.
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