How to Convert a Jeep Wrangler to a Two-Wheel Drive

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    • 1). Get into the driver's seat and check the position of the drive handle. Make sure it is in the two-wheel drive position. If it is not, push the lever into the two-wheel driver position, start the vehicle and drive the vehicle backwards approximately 20 feet before returning the vehicle to the work space. Turn the vehicle off immediately.

    • 2). Lift the front end of the Jeep Wrangler with car jacks placed firmly on the frame just behind the front wheel wells. Some Jeep Wranglers have such large tires that a lift is not necessary. If that is the case, simply crawl underneath the front end of the vehicle.

    • 3). Identify the front drive shaft for removal. It is a large metal shaft running perpendicular to the front axle and feeds into the front differential on the front axle housing. The other end of the drive shaft enters the transfer case toward the middle of the vehicle.

    • 4). Use the appropriate socket wrench to remove four nuts on two interlocking U-bolts at the transfer case intersection of the drive shaft. When the second U-bolt is removed, the back end of the drive shaft may fall; take appropriate precautions.

    • 5). Remove two U-bolts and their retainer straps from the front end of the drive shaft with a socket wrench. The entire drive shaft will fall once the last U-bolt is removed, so take precaution.

    • 6). Remove the drive shaft from the vehicle. When the four-wheel drive option is chosen inside the cab of the vehicle, the power will not feed into the front axle thereby keeping the vehicle two-wheel drive. This will not stop the transfer case from turning, so keep the vehicle in two-wheel drive mode so that you do not lose power on the road.

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