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So you've got your profile all set up, and you're ready to start browsing for dates.
You find some that pique interest and want to send a message, but what do you say? These days some men have gotten so lazy when it comes to their first impressions.
Yes, the message you send to any woman will be her first impression of you, and of course you want it to be a positive one.
I can't tell you how many messages I've gotten that just say "Hey baby," or "Wanna hang out?" Do you really think any woman is going to respond to this? The answer is no.
The key to writing a good message, one that will trigger a response, is originality.
So don't copy and paste the same message and send it to fifty different women because they will be able to tell that it's not personal.
One way to really catch a woman's attention is by using her name in the message.
Now I don't mean repeat it ten times because that's just creepy, but start off the message with her name.
Right from the start she'll know you actually took the time to see what her name was.
Next, try and mention something you read in her profile (yes you need to READ her profile).
If she feels that you actually took time to sit and find out about her, she might take the time to get to know you better, too.
In your message try avoid mentioning how you want to have sex with her, or how hot you think she is.
That is definitely a turn off; she will instantly think you are just some pervert.
Remember, we are going for originality, and telling a girl she is hot couldn't be less original.
Also, keep your life story out of this.
You are sending her a message, which means she hasn't said she is interested yet, so wait until she tells you she is interested before getting into how many pets you have.
So, when sending messages to women, just remember to be original, and personable.
I guarantee you will get way more responses and dates.
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