How Homeland security department works?

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Homeland security concept is completely new to many peoples. It includes all actions taken at individual, federal, private, state or local level to protect or deter United States against any terrorist attacks or disasters. The department was established after terrorist attacks on 9/11 in Unites States which demolished Twin Towers This department coordinates the efforts of numerous agencies for safety of citizens and country in case there is terrorist's attacks or earthquakes and the way to recover and minimize the harm. Homeland Security Council coordinates the department working.

Various entities work beneath the supervision of homeland security department. These include United states of america Secret Service, United States National Guard, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Civil Air Patrol, United States Coast Guard and Immigration services. Homeland defense department is a sub group of this department which works not just against deterrence of terrorist attacks but in addition works for emergency services in case of any natural disaster.

To produce awareness disseminate the data and make awareness about national security it organizes issues publication, various exercise trainings, working groups and schedules. The department provides swift response in case of any emergency and offers rescue efforts. This department even offers Homeland Security Information Network which collects and shares information. This department focuses on Commercial infrastructure also. Protection of transportation network e.g. maritime, surface and air will also be main focus of this department. Except every one of these border security can be essential because of this department in case of any terrorist attacks or during earthquakes.

Two boards of the department were established in white house in 2002. One was Homeland Security Council down to this council was to provide information and advice to president about various security matters; while office of the department will probably be linked to questions of safety of country and citizens.

Various careers on this department are open for new comers. This department has built its strong position in scope and size. Various grants and scholarships are gathered to help for degree students in Homeland security and salary package with this department can be very attractive which welcomes to new comers. This department even offers employed scientists which can be working to detect any chemical, nuclear or biological arms and are generally emphasizing to develop technologies.

Improvement of intelligence services can also be one of the important issues for Homeland security department which collects details about those that have intention to harm United states of america and interdict them. This department also shares information in government levels and public to consider adoptive measures in case there is terrorist attack or any disaster. Protection of civil rights and privacy of yank citizens can be responsibility of this department. This department is working together with full devotion for country safety.
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