Save Money and the Environment by Asking Questions

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From tariffs to climate change, renewable energy and prices, there are many questions you might have when it comes to your electricity and/or gas accounts. Instead of keeping quiet why not ask the questions you would like answers to and take part in shaping the future of your energy needs and use.

Many people do not realise there are various different energy tariffs to choose from. The value of your energy bill will depend on the tariff you select, the unit costs for electricity or gas consumed and the method by which you wish to pay.

If you are on a credit meter tariff, where you pay for your energy after you use it, then you will have several options to choose from depending on which provider you use. Some providers operate a standard rate electricity tariff which is suitable for customers who use most of their electricity during the day. This type of tariff is also useful if you do not use electricity to heat your house and/or hot water.

If you use most of your electricity at night time then it makes sense to opt for a two rate meter where there is a higher unit rate for electricity used during the day, but a much cheaper rate for units of electricity used during at night. Depending on energy provider this is also referred to as Economy 7 Electricity. Check the terms and conditions for details as you may need to use your electricity within a certain time period at night.

Prepayment meter tariffs, where you top your meter up with credit in advance, are a convenient way for many people to effectively manage the amount of energy they use. This is a 'pay as you go' approach to settling your gas and electricity bills and means you do not get an unexpected bill which you might struggle to pay.

If you have questions about tariffs designed specifically for the elderly or low income families then get in touch with your provider as there may be an option to suit you. Some energy providers offer social tariffs which help the elderly, low income families, people with disabilities and the chronically sick and tend to be the least expensive option, regardless of payment method.

There are many more energy issues for you to ask questions about; you might need more information about gas safety checks or need some energy efficiency advice. But, whatever your query, just get in touch with your energy provider who should have the answers to any questions you might have.
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