7 Deadly Relationship Sins and Why Cheating Isn't First

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There are seven sins that will ultimately destroy relationships. Learning what these sins are and how to effectively eliminate them may save your relationship a long and painful breakup. More importantly, they may teach you both how to have a more rewarding relationship than ever before.

1) Lack of intimacy. This goes far beyond sex. All couples must share some degree of physical and emotional intimacy. You need to be madly in love with each other and you need to share your innermost secrets with one another. More importantly, you need to trust that the other person in your relationship is a good safeguard of those secrets.

2) Loss of interest in sex. All relationships experience a mad roller coaster ride of libido. There are highs and lows and lulls as life steps in and leaves its mark on the relationship. It's important to make time for something as important as the physical connection that sex provides to the relationship.

3) No direction. Everything in life needs to have some sort of direction. Are you making plans together? Are you discussing the future? If you aren't doing these things the entire relationship risks stagnation.

4) Lack of conversation. When is the last conversation you had with your partner that was about nothing at all? When was the last time you called him or her up just to hear the voice you love so much? When was the last time the two of you stayed up all night talking about nothing but just sharing your days? These are important to the health of the relationship and will keep you both feeling well loved.

5) Lack of loyalty. The one person you need to trust, to be able to count on, more than any other in this world is the person you've decided to share your life with. You are born to your relatives. You choose the person you are in a relationship with. You need to know that this person is loyal to you and you alone. That is one reason that so many people, men especially, take a hard line when it comes to cheating. They feel it shows an extreme lack of loyalty.

6) Poor communication. Being unable to properly relate what is going on is another relationship killer. Women may be from Venus and men from Mars when it comes to communication but your relationship is going to need to move beyond the gender barrier to some degree. You need to either find an impartial translator (like a marriage/relationship counselor) or you need to start learning the language of the other person in your relationship.

7) Keeping secrets. This is another reason that cheating is often believed to be the culprit in relationship breakups. Keeping secrets from your partner is brutal for most relationships. It shows a lack of trust on your part and creates a lack of trust for the other person in the relationship.

Cheating isn't at the top of the list because it is often a symptom of other problems and not the sin itself.

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