The Wassily Chair

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The Wassily Chair is undoubtedly a high-quality and modern piece of furniture over the whole globe. It features a wonderful style and a high performance and it's also also well-known due to its quality material. It has been manufactured by Marcel Breuer in 1926 and it has also been the very first chair that featured a curved shape! Although it was created long ago, it still seems to gain the attention and respect of the individuals today.

Marcel Breuer first came up with the Chair at the Bauhaus Dessau, Germany. He was highly motivated by the bent on the bike seat; this is where he gotten the primary idea for his groundbreaking chair. It's lucky that, back then, Mannesmann (a German steel maker) had just made a new process for providing high quality smooth metal. This was the very first metal material that allowed the creation of bent pieces and still remained in good condition. The bicycle that motivated Marcel Breuer featured this material also.

Before being released to the open public, the Wassily Chair has also been tested for a lot of years. Its manufacturing began after that WW2. The first product was referred to as the B3 and it featured a different, fabric-made, chair, arm rests and back. It has been available in numerous colors, including black and brown. We are able to notice that the Wassily Chairs that exist today still stay loyal to the first idea and layout.

We can end this by saying that the Wassily Chair truly is a unique furniture piece and a classic. It is probably the most famous furniture pieces that was ever developed. It features a unique notion end style that has managed to thrive and amaze for a good period of time. People have used it for a long period in their houses and a lot of them agree that it is one of the most extraordinary pieces of contemporary furniture that they possessed and used. The inventor of the Wassily Chair has passed away almost 30 years ago, but his contribution will always be around for years ahead.

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