Give Your Woman the Most Intense and Awesome Orgasms Ever - 2 Tips to Make You a Sex God!

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Guys, let's face it most of us have absolutely no clue how to keep a woman satisfied in a bedroom.
I hear questions about this all the time.
Things like how do I get my girlfriend to be more adventurous in bed? How can I last longer? Is it possible to make her have multiple orgasms? Well, if you'd like to know the answer to some of these questions then keep on reading.
Ready? Two awesome techniques that are guaranteed to give your woman crazy intense orgasms Technique number one -- I like to call this one the variable speed technique.
Basically what you will be doing is to switch from fast to slow, intense to steady.
You need to start out being really slow.
Slowly increase your speed until you can see that she is about to erupt.
At this point most guys would go crazy and start going for it like a pneumatic drill.
This is wrong! What you need to do now is to bring your speed right back down and start the gradual increase in speed all over again.
This is going to drive her insane! But that's not bad thing in fact that's the whole point! After some time when you think she's had enough, that's when you can turn into a pneumatic drill to finish both of you off! The orgasm she experiences will be mind blowing for her! Technique number two -- time for a little verbal sex! Now this takes a little practice and the first may feel kind of strange but after a couple of attempts it will feel quite natural and you will be off to see the power behind it.
What you're going to do is to whisper sensually into her ear while you're doing your thing.
This will really turn her on.
Whisper things like how hot she's making you and that she smells fantastic.
By combining these two methods you are hitting both the physical and mental hot buttons.
Ready for a bonus tip?
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