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There are many make money opportunity products being offered on the internet, but you just cannot tell which ones are scams.
Many deceit marketers built their websites and front stores to appear professional.
Many people seem to purchase something judging from the appearance of the website instead the quality of product.
In this article, I will show you how to make money online and avoid getting scammed.
Use your credit card to pay for the product.
It may sound counter-intuitive to some of you.
If there is something wrong with what you have paid for you can immediately file a dispute with your credit card company.
There will be no risk in using your credit card.
Pay attention to the refund policy of the product carefully, and make sure the period of guarantee is clearly cited so you can immediately ask for refund if the product you have purchased is not what you have expected.
An informational product is usually come in digitally form like an e-book that can be opened up with adobe reader.
Many make money products are available for download so the price is quite low in compare to tangible good.
A digital product can be downloaded instantly after payment made.
Get some references of the product from the internet.
This is the age of information so it is easy to search for anything you want on the internet.
Google is the best search engine tool that allows you to find anything online.
Search by using the product name, if the product is a scam it will show up on the result page.
See if there is any complaint or negative review regarding the product that you are going to purchase.
Paying for something with a credit card can avoid some unexpected problems.
If something went wrong you can immediately file a dispute with your credit card company.
If you do not know how to do this, contact your credit card provider.
Read the refund policy on the website carefully, make sure the days of guarantee is clearly cited, some are 30 to 90 days.
Find some testimonials of what you are going to buy, if the product is a scam you can avoid it immediate.
Do not purchase anything if you are uncomfortable with, so it is better to have more information on your hand before you purchase it.
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