Different Solutions To Sell Software Online May Provide You With A Variety Of Features Like Cross-se

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Different solutions to sell software online may provide you with a variety of features like cross-sells that can be very effective on one hand, but very damaging on the other hand if not treated right.
Unfortunately some software registration services may not care too much about the small details you may actually need to increase your online revenue.
Volume discount is one of those little but important things that can be done in different ways at PayPro ecommerce platform and make selling software online more profitable for you.
What needs to be considered in good volume discounting:
- Logic
- Visibility
- Optimization


When selling software online and considering volume discounting, make sure your products are something that makes sense to provide volume discount for. While any client is happy to receive a volume discount, think if he will actually buy more. Sometimes a small discount is better to be provided to the client after his purchase with a coupon for his next purchase.
So a good volume discount is for the right products and for the right clients.


Why making volume discount visible is so important? The idea of volume discount is to make a customer buy more than he would have without the volume discount. Some software vendors forget it and sell software online with the discount to customers who most chances would have bought even without it. Make sure you also present your discount scheme on the website. If you are targeting home users, then maybe a "home license" type can be effective as many people always wonder if they want to buy another copy for the other computer they own.

It is recommended to place the volume discount close to the product price area on the order page. In addition, edit this text to be exciting if you know that your clients might look into it. This is why a system that lets you control the volume discount text is something you would like to use. All of the described things can be easily performed at PayPro ecommerce solution on

After you managed to get the customer's attention to the column discount offering and he clicked on it, you need to make sure that you keep all of his focus into purchasing this extra copy of your product.


The most important things when optimizing a product:
1. Check how much items your clients usually purchase. If you have orders for 2 copies mostly, then providing a volume discount for 2 copies won't make sense. On the other hand, if you start the volume discount on 3 copies and more, there is more chance for you to actually get results from selling with volume discount.
2. Chose the right volume discount for you. There are two volume discount options at PayPro platform: regular and progressive schemes.
In the progressive scheme you provide fewer discounts and increase your revenue as the discount is only given for the last copies group. So a discount of 40% for someone who buys 5-10 copies will only give 40% on these 5 copies while the first ones are in full price.
3. Provide a volume discount per currency. You need to see what markets are more attracted by volume discount and offer them a bigger one. Small change but it works very good. Providing just a little smaller discount in expensive currency can help you earn more.

These small tips can really help you sell software online and get more revenue. You will find much more smart features at PayPro ecommerce solution on as we constantly develop them for our clients.
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