Fundraising Jealousy - How Not to Be Jealous of Other Nonprofits" Fundraising Success

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We hear regularly about other nonprofit organizations that have received enormous gifts or had incredibly successful events.
It's easy for other nonprofits, especially small ones, to become green with jealousy.
It's understandable - we all want our organization to do well and prosper.
Not too long ago, there was a story in the news of a million dollar gift given to the local university.
Many smaller nonprofits told me they were feeling depressed about it.
They want to receive that level of gift, but aren't sure they ever be able to secure that kind of funding.
I certainly understand, but here's the truth about competition among nonprofits: People give to organizations and causes they care about.
Universities will always attract and raise more money than small, grassroots organizations.
You have to keep on doing business as usual in your Development office and know that, if anything, this proves that even in economic uncertainty there is plenty of money out there to be donated.
Don't put your head down and give up in defeat! The best thing you can do is to continue to build relationships with your donors.
Keep getting to know them.
Keep taking them to lunch.
Keep sending handwritten notes.
Keep learning about them and why they care about your organization.
And don't be afraid of any other organization's success.
In fact, be grateful.
When individuals feel the rush from making a large gift, it usually encourages them to want to do it again.
Next time, it could be you receiving a large gift.
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