7 Infused Water Recipes That Will Make Your H20 Much Tastier and Even Healthier

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    • 1). Download Audacity and install it onto your computer. This is a free audio editing program that will allow you to make simple edits on your audio files. There are several different types of audio editing programs out there, but this one is free, easy to use and does everything you need to do. Unless you want to pay a ton of money for a program that has a bunch of features you don't need, download Audacity at the link in Resources.

      Make sure to download the LAME MP3 encoder as well (see the second link in Resources). This will allow you to export your audio files as MP3 format.

    • 2). Open Audacity and "Start a new Project."

    • 3). Put your tape into your tape player and get it ready for recording. This means that you should put it onto the side you want to record, and make sure it is rewound all the way to the beginning. You can use any type of tape player (Walkman, cassette player, boom box, stereo) as long as it has a tape deck and can play cassettes.

    • 4). Plug one end of your audio cable into the headphones jack on your tape player and plug the other end into the soundcard jack on your computer. The soundcard jack is usually located on the front of your computer tower and is specified with a microphone symbol. If you're using a laptop, the soundcard jack will be next to the headphones jack and will be called an audio-in port. Once you plug the cable into the jack, the computer will recognize it.

    • 5). Press the record button on Audacity and press the play button on your tape player. You will hear the music from your tape player coming out of your computer speaker, as well as see your cassette being recorded onto Audacity. If you'd like, you can sit and watch your tape record, but it will take as long as it would take to listen to the entire cassette.

    • 6). Break your recording up into songs. You don't have to listen to the entire recording to figure out where each song starts and ends, because your tape will be displayed on a sound-frequency graph. You will see a period where the sound graph has a flat line. This is where your tape is silent (between songs), so you can easily look and see where each song starts and ends. Highlight a portion of the recording with your mouse (from flat line to flat line) and then go to the "File" menu. Select to save your selection as an MP3. Continue doing this until all of your songs are saved as MP3s. You can now use your MP3 files however you would like.

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