Wealth Wisdom Success Tips - Destroyed For Lack of Knowledge

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The deplorable failure of many outward and isolated reforms is traceable to the fact that their devotees pursue them as an end in themselves, failing to see that they are merely steps towards ultimate, individual perfection.
All true reform must come from within, in a changed heart and mind.
The giving up of certain foods and drinks, and the breaking away from certain outward habits, are good and necessary beginnings; but they are only beginnings, and to end there is to fall far short of a true spiritual life.
It is good, therefore, to cleanse the heart, to correct the mind, and to develop the understanding, for we know that the one thing needed is a regenerate heart.
As you take a deep inventory of yourself, do you find that you need to reform your bank account as well? That too starts from within - a renewing of the mind.
What do you think about money? I'm sure you have been told that money is the root of all evil.
You've heard it time and time again that it is engraved in your heart.
Well, that is hogwash! The "love of money" is the root of all evil.
It is not spiritual to idolize money with passion of greed.
Scripture in Hosea 4:6 say - My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
This does not mean for lack of book knowledge or worldly knowledge, but spiritual knowledge is what the verse implicates.
Ask yourself, am I living according to biblical principles of abundance and prosperity? Keep in mind that prosperity isn't about money.
Although finances are a piece, prosperity includes fulfillment mentally, socially, physically and personally.
To begin your journey of fulfillment, take a long look at yourself.
Make a list of changes you need to make then act on changing.
If you take a serious inventory of yourself you should see clearly the changes that need to be made.
You may not want to admit to the changes but recognition is the first step.
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