How to Replace the Hinge on a HP Laptop

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    • 1). Power down the HP laptop computer, then flip the computer over so the bottom of the laptop faces up.

    • 2). Remove the battery from the back of the computer. Once the battery is out you can see six screws. Remove these screws with your Phillips screwdriver.

    • 3). Turn the laptop back over and pull up on the switch cover (directly above the keyboard). With the screws off, the switch cover slides off without restraint.

    • 4). Disconnect the screws around the edges of the monitor. There are three on the top, two on the bottom. Pull off the plastic casing around the glass monitor. This exposes the hinges of the HP laptop computer.

    • 5). Remove the backlight connector on the right side of the computer. Here you find six more screws. Take these screws off and take the display cover off of the LCD screen. Look at the back side of the monitor screen. Remove the two screws on each side, then take the LCD monitor off of the computer.

    • 6). Look at the hinge on the laptop. You have complete access to it now. Remove the three Phillips screws on the hinge, then pull the hinge off. Place the new hinge on and tighten the screws.

    • 7). Reassemble the laptop computer, insert the battery pack and power on the HP laptop computer.

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