What You Need To Know About Methylone

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Maybe you have heard the term Methylone but did you know anything about it? Well, Methylone is a kind of substance stimulant and is considered to belong to the same kind as amphetamine, cathinone, as well as phenethylamine. In other country, it is known as M1 but it can also be known as Arlone, bk-MDMA, and many more terms. At first, it is considered to be an antidepressant because of its known excitatory capabilities. Methylone is known to be alike with the structural component of another drug called MDMA although they have a different component like the -ketone group.
There are many controversies surrounding Methylone drug. First of it is in the year 2004 when a drug called "Explosion" is introduced in the market. This is a liquid like drug that is being sold in a 5 ml container and has been labeled as "Room odorizer". It has been selling widely in the market, both locally and in the internet. It has a label that says "Do not ingest" but some people that have ingested it says that it has an effect similar to what someone will feel when they ingest MDMA. After these few claims, authorities tested this product and after some test, they have confirmed that this drug has Methylone as its main ingredient.
Methylone has a dosage of around 100 up to 250 when taken orally. However, there are some people that increase its dosage to reach maximum effects. On the other hand, the effects only affect the physical side and not the cognitive side. Some of the known effect of Methylone when taken orally includes euphoria or the feeling of extreme excitement, being anxious, a feeling of being stimulated, insomnia, increase in sociability, restlessness, and some psychological effect such as hallucinations, psychosis, and depersonalization or the feeling that one is another person.
Aside from the effects mentioned above, Methylone has also a known effect in the sympathetic nervous system. These includes an increase in blood pressure, increase in heart rate, eating disorder such as anorexia, nausea and vomiting, eye problem such as nystagmus and mydriasis, sweating, oral problem such as bruxism or teeth grinding, and an increase in temperature. The said effects of Methylone are considered to be similar to the effect of other psycho stimulant drugs. Due to this, authorities are limiting the use of these drugs while there are some countries that prohibit the use of the said drug.

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