What Can I Do with a Degree as a Pharmacy Technician?

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    Retail Pharmacy Technicians

    • Retail pharmacy technicians fill mail-order or online prescriptions sent by patients or physicians. Duties include counting pills, choosing the right container, attaching the proper instructions and pricing. Retail pharmacy technicians may also conduct routine inventory checks, work with health insurance providers to ensure patient files are up-to-date and prepare insurance claims. All work is supervised by a pharmacist. Technicians should be aware of the latest state regulations concerning the sale and distribution of certain medications.

    Community Pharmacy Technicians

    • Similar to a retail pharmacy technician, community pharmacy technicians help pharmacists fill and label prescriptions, mix medicinal compounds such as ointment and creams, maintain accurate inventory, communicate with health providers to maintain patient records and train new technicians. Community pharmacy technicians assist patients directly by answering their questions or referring patients to the pharmacist when dropping off prescriptions. Technicians may also answer the phone to schedule patient consultations with the pharmacist. Community pharmacy technicians need to be aware of changing state and federal regulations concerning medications so they can inform and educate patients. Technicians should also be aware of loss prevention techniques to prevent internal and external theft.

    Hospital Pharmacy Technicians

    • Hospital pharmacy technicians can be found in hospitals, health clinics, hospices or assisted living facilities. Technicians assist in auditing the supply of narcotics throughout the hospital. Moving from department to department, technicians maintain the prescription and over-the-counter medication supply by refilling medications and removing unused portions or out-of-date items. Technicians assist in filling prescriptions, attaching labels, mixing solutions for in-hospital use and preparing medications for use in clinical trials. As a hospital pharmacy technician, you may also assist in the training of new personnel and update patient medical records.

    Managed Care Pharmacy Technician

    • Managed care pharmacy technicians answer insurance coverage and medication questions from patients, physicians and pharmacists. Assisted by a pharmacist, technicians help patients become more informed about their insurance coverage, provide helpful advice as to why an insurance claim was rejected or why certain medications may or may not be eligible for prescription renewal. Calls are usually monitored. The information gathered is often used to increase patient satisfaction while providing managed care companies with valuable research concerning pharmaceutical trends.

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