Solutions To Premature Ejaculation

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We are looking at solutions to premature ejaculation.
Very often there can be a psychological side to this issue, but we are not concerning ourselves with this here, but are concentrating on the physical side, and what you can do that can have an effect straight away.
There are a few things you can do that will help you find a solution to premature ejaculation.
One simple remedy is as follows, you can try this either just before you enter your partner, or when you have already entered your partner and you feel that you are close to an orgasm, or you can use it both before and during sex.
You get hold of your erect penis between you index finger and your thumb, and you give it a reasonably sharp nip just below the tip.
It needs to be a fast, sharp nip that gives you a momentary jolt, as it is this jolt of slight pain that gives your body something else to think about instead of having an orgasm.
So whenever you are having sex, and you feel that you are close to orgasm, withdraw for a moment and use this method before starting it again.
You should find this extremely effective in combating premature ejaculation.
Another solution to premature ejaculation is to find a sexual position which gives you the least amount of stimulation, as the less you are stimulated the less you are likely to have an orgasm.
You may already know what position this is, but if not you can experiment until you find the best position.
When you do, stick to this for the next few times until you have built up enough confidence with your partner to try another position.
The movement of the pelvis is often key to an orgasm, so try to thrust the pelvis forward as little as possible when you are having sex.
You will find that if you are not thrusting forward as deeply that you do not get as stimulated as quickly, and so you will be able to last much longer.
Make sure you stimulate your partner as much as possible before sex with your foreplay, so that you will find she will have an orgasm well before you.
Doing this also makes you feel a lot more in control of the overall situation.
I hope these solutions to premature ejaculation will go some way to helping you overcome this problem for good.
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