7 Infused Water Recipes That Will Make Your H20 Much Tastier and Even Healthier

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    • 1). Apply a thin coat of shaving cream to your window. After you covered it in its entirety, rub it off with a dry cloth.

    • 2). Pour a small amount of liquid soap on a washcloth and rub it across the entire window. Allow the soap to sit for a one to two minutes before you wipe it away with a cloth.

    • 3). Water your indoor plants minimally each day to avoid overwatering. Excess water can contribute to humidity indoors and lead to foggy windows.

    • 4). Open your fireplace vents if you have an indoor fireplace. Occasional venting of your chimney can help reduce the amount of humidity in your home.

    • 5). Warm your windows. Whether you're in a car or at your home, increase the amount of warmth around your windows to help minimize steam from forming. Direct your air vents toward the window for a few moments until the window is warmed and the steam is gone.

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