Things to Consider When Looking at Engagement Rings

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When looking at engagement rings, there are so many different options out there.
It can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you do not want something that is traditional.
There are different types of mounting, stones, and all types of options to add to the completed design.
Luckily, women usually have an idea of what they want and if you know them well enough to want to marry them, you should too.
Settings and Mounts Settings are considered to be "semi-mounts".
There are two main mounts that are available.
These mounts are solitaire and side stones.
Solitaire is simply one stone at the top of the ring.
Then the side stones option is pretty self explanatory.
The stone in the middle will serve as the focal point, but there are also stones on the side.
Think about whether you want to get her one or the other.
Think about the stones that she has clearly said she enjoys.
If that fails you, consider what her favorite colors are.
If she absolutely loves the color pink, she will more than likely enjoy a pink diamond.
That is just one example as to how to approach this, if you are picking one as a surprise.
Consider the Settings Basically, the setting is what holds the main stone.
There are various types.
Prongs, bezel, and tension settings are the most common.
The tension seems to be the most appealing, as it looks as if the stone is sort of hanging in mid air.
It relies on the tension of the shank to be held into place.
Prongs would be most common, however.
The stone is simply held by the prongs.
Another name for prongs would be crawls.
This is a highly common option, because it covers far less of the stone than the other options.
This is especially important with engagement rings.
The final option is bezel.
The stone is pretty much embedded into the ring.
This means that you will only be able to see the top of the stone.
Everything else is covered by the metal that surrounds it.
This technique is not often used with engagement rings, but it is a nice option to have.
The Shank and the Metal The shank is basically the band itself.
This is also an area that has several options to pick from.
The shank designs on engagement rings can vary greatly.
Not many people think about it too much.
They simply pick the one that is most visually appealing.
Split shanks end up being two different bands, pave shanks are encrusted with diamonds, and a knife shank is a band with two sharp points leading up to the stone.
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